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Why you need an experienced Smith Lake Agent

There are many factors to consider when buying a lake home or lake lot that you normally do not need to take into consideration when buying off water property. An experienced lake agent can guide you through the process, so that you cover all of your basis. Some common questions that your agent should be able to answer:

  • What is the flood zone at Smith Lake?
  • What is the water level at winter pool as well as summer pool?
  • How do I get a dock permit or permit to do work around the shoreline?
  • How close can I build my house to the water?
  • What are the building restrictions for the different communities around Smith Lake?
  • How is the shoreline valued?

These are just a few of the questions a lake agent should be able to answer and help you navigate when purchasing at Smith Lake. Lake & Coast has a team of seasoned agents that can guide you through the entire purchase process. Call us today to start your search. 256.280.3422

Let Trent help you find the perfect Smith Lake Property!

You can utilize Trent as a resources as well, get local knowledge and personalized service from Smith Lake’s Real Estate Connection, your local Smith Lake Real Estate professional. Trent can help you make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing a home or lot on Lewis Smith Lake. Contact Trent by Email or give him a call at 205.223.1471 with any questions that you may have about buying a home or lot on Smith Lake.

Why choose Trent to help you find the perfect home?

When you choose Trent as your buyer’s agent, he works exclusively with you to assist in researching and purchasing your Smith Lake property. Trent is constantly updating his resources to provide buyers with the latest information, news and properties available.

Trent knows the area and the Smith Lake housing market. Let Trent help you make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing waterfront property on Lewis Smith Lake. Trent is dedicated to providing loyalty, confidentiality and uncompromised representation to his clients. If you’re considering buying property or a home on Lewis Smith Lake, call Trent, today. You’ll be glad you did.

Eye on the Market

Why you should have a buyer’s agent.

  • Confidentiality, Loyalty and Discretion.
  • An exclusive buyer’s agent negotiates on your behalf
  • A buyer’s agent handles the paperwork, contracts, scheduling and details
  • A buyers agent could save you thousands of dollars.

Call Trent, 205.223.1471, or send an email to get started looking for your Smith Lake property.